D’Nisha Hamblin, MSFS ’16, current contractor at NIST, presenting research at AAFS 2017 Conference in New Orleans, LA

15 students, 4 faculty participating, 20 + presentations

Dr. Jose Almirall Group
Dr. Jose Almirall, Chair, Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis Scientific Area Committee (SAC), OSAC Priority Action Reports, February 14, 2017 1:00-5:00 PM (Strand 13A)
D’Nisha D. Hamblin, Bruce A. Benner, Jr., Michele M. Schantz, William A. MacCrehan and José R. Almirall, Evaluation of a new technology for the collection of breath components in the detection of marijuana use (poster)

Dr. Anthony DeCaprio Group
DeCaprio, A.P., Gilliland, R.A., and Moller, C. Novel blood protein modification assay for retrospective detection of drug exposure. Invited platform presentation at NIJ Forensic Science R&D Symposium – Tuesday. Supported by NIJ 2015-NE-BX-K001.

Kimble, A.N., Arroyo-Mora, L., and DeCaprio, A.P. Method validation using multiple compound mixtures for screening/confirmation of 800+ novel psychoactive substances by LC-QqQ-MS. Platform presentation – Supported by NIJ 2014-R2-CX-K006.

Eckberg, M., Arroyo-Mora, L., Stoll, D.R., and DeCaprio, A.P. Separation of chemically similar and isobaric novel psychoactive substances using two-dimensional liquid chromatography. Poster presentation – Wednesday PM. Supported by NIJ 2014-R2-CX-K006.

Gilliland, R.A., Moller, C., and DeCaprio, A.P. LC-MS/MS based analysis of in vitro covalent modifications of glutathione and peptide thiols by drugs of abuse. Poster presentation – Wednesday PM. Supported by NIJ 2015-NE-BX-K001.

Dr. Kenneth Furton Group
Vanquilla Shellman: Optimal Headspace Extraction for the Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Released from Synthetic Cathinones using Solid Phase Micro-Extraction (SPME) for Field Application (poster presentation)

Characterization of controlled odor mimic permeation systems (COMPS) containing live training aids for utilization by detection canines, Alison G Simon and Kenneth G Furton (oral)

Greenhouse evaluations of volatile plant defense against an invasive agricultural and environmental biothreat agent, Rafaela lauricola, and possible implications for canine detection
Alison G Simon and Kenneth G Furton (poster presentation):

Capsule Phase Microextraction: An Ideal Sample Preparation Technique for Environmental and Biological Samples, Rodolfo Mesa (Poster):
Utilization of Controlled Odor Mimic Devices to Improve Law Enforcement Canine Training Alice Boone (Poster):

Dr. Bruce McCord Group
Dr. Bruce McCord, Co-chair, (with Ira Lurie, Chair, and Chip Walls) Instrumental chromatographic separation techniques for forensic analysis: Application to the analysis of emerging drugs. Workshop, AAFS, New Orleans, February 14, 2017.

Thaddeus Mostowtt, MFS; Chiara Deriu, MS; Jonanthan Munoz; Bruce McCord, PhD. The Evaluation of Mono-, Di-, and Trivalent Cations for the Optimized Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) Enhancement to Detect Synthetic Cannabinoids in Biological Samples”, AAFS, New Orleans, LA, February 2017 (Poster).

Joana Antunes, MS (presenting); Vanessa Aguiar-Pulido, PhD; Kuppareddi Balamurugan, PhD; George T. Duncan, PhD; Giri Narasimhan, PhD; Bruce R. McCord, PhD, A New Approach Combining In Silico and High-Resolution Melt (HRM) Analysis to Quickly Identify New Loci for Body Fluid Identification Using DNA Methylation Melt Analysis” (oral presentation) AAFS, New Orleans, February 13-18, 2017.

Georgiana Gibson-Daw, Bruce McCord. Ultrahigh speed PCR: a method for obtaining STR based genotypes in 8 minutes or less. AAFS, New Orleans, February 13-18, 2017. (presentation)

Ling Wang, Bruce McCord, Gold Nanoparticle/Aptamer-Based Paper Microfluidic Devices Developed for the Detection of Cocaine, (poster) AAFS, New Orleans, February 13-18, 2017.

Rosa Cromarte, Ashley Wardlow, George Duncan, and Bruce McCord, Rapid and reliable validation of body fluids using paper microfluidic devices. AAFS, New Orleans, February 13-18, 2017. (poster)

Meghan Roig, Vanessa Martinez, Deepthi Nori, and Bruce McCord, A method for optimizing pressure-based extraction and direct PCR of simulated sexual assault samples. AAFS, New Orleans, February 13-18, 2017. (poster)

Dr. DeEtta Mills Group
Deidra Jordan, “Assessment of the F-108 Polymer and Capillary Electrophoresis Single-Strand Conformational Polymorphism to Screen Human DNA Mixtures, poster presentation, Criminalistics

Dr. Jeffrey Wells Group
Dr. Jeffrey Wells, invited speaker, “Statistical methods for combining multivariate and categorical data in postmortem interval estimation.” National Institute of Justice Forensic Science R&D Symposium, Tuesday, Feb, 14, New Orleans.

IFRI Faculty and Student Presentations AAFS 69th Annual Meeting, February 13-18, 2017, New Orleans, LA