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Current Industrial Members

Industrial members are paramount to the success of I/UCRCs. Industrial members include government agencies, private industries, and non-profit organizations. Organizations join I/UCRCs for an annual membership fee. 

Benefits of CARFS Industrial Membership 

Any company, federal research, and development organization, or government-owned contractor-operated laboratory may become a member of the center. Companies and federal agencies contribute $25,000 annually in support of the center. Companies sign a membership agreement, while federal agencies agree to terms and conditions similar to those expressed in the membership agreement. Additional information can be found in the sample membership agreement.

Benefits of membership in an I/UCRC includes: 

  • Leveraging of affiliate investment
  • Access to faculty, students, facilities and infrastructure at all Center sites (18 senior faculty members per center on average)
  • NSF’s 40+ years of experience with the I/UCRC program (performance oversight an external independent evaluation)
  • Access to sector identified pre-competitive research
  • Precompetitive industry-relevant research shaped by members and faculty
  • 90% of membership fees go toward research
  • Sector networking, learn from industry peers, competitors, customers and regulators
  • Option to expand innovation capacity globally
  • One Center; one membership agreement for all (all under one umbrella)
  • Company savings: Lower risks, accelerate competitive R&D and internal cost avoidance
  • Early and continual access to the discovery and innovation process as well as its results