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Our members are the driving force behind CARFS innovation. Any company, federal research facility, or government-owned contractor-operated laboratory may become a member.


  • Contribute fees pooled to fund competitive research
  • Request proposals from University sites for industry-driven projects
  • Vote to choose projects and assign funding
  • Apply cutting-edge research & IP to product development
  • Gain access to talent
  • Realize increased ROI from leveraged research funds


  • Submit proposals on topics chosen by Members
  • Conduct research on funded projects
  • Publish reports, findings, and results
  • Gain insight into industry needs
  • Build new, sustainable funding paths
  • Train and place students in relevant research positions


  • Outline program structure
  • Provide funds for overhead and administrative costs
  • Grow U.S. innovation capacity via partnerships among industry, academe, and government
  • Stretch public funds further
  • Mentor students for work in government

Membership Types

  1. $50,000 annual fee
  2. One (1) vote for project funding
  3. Royalty-free IP access 
  4. Access to shared research products