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Current Industrial Members

Industrial members are paramount to the success of I/UCRCs. Industrial members include government agencies, private industries, and non-profit organizations. Organizations join I/UCRCs for an annual membership fee. 

Benefits of CARFS Industrial Membership 

Any company, federal research, and development organization, or government-owned contractor-operated laboratory may become a member of the center. Companies and federal agencies contribute $25,000 annually in support of the center. Companies sign a membership agreement, while federal agencies agree to terms and conditions similar to those expressed in the membership agreement. Additional information can be found in the sample membership agreement.

Benefits of membership in an I/UCRC includes: 

  • Creating intelligence through the collective wisdom and resources of academia, industry, and government entities.
  • Experiencing ROI by leveraging support from NSF, universities and partners. For example a 20:1 return on investment can be realized by one membership of $50K accessing $1M in research projects and resources.
  • Enjoying royalty-free non-exclusive licensing of the center intellectual property of all academic sites.
  • Gaining access to the entire center research portfolio, papers, software, and architectures.
  • Leveraging the world-class talent of top professors and industry researchers in forensic science.
  • Accessing outstanding next-generation students expanding industry workforce development.
  • Networking with leaders from the top forensic science lab, research universities, and companies.

Membership Structure

  • The center membership fees are pooled to fund competitive research projects based on votes from IAB members. At least 90% of program income must be used to support the direct costs of research.
  • Members vote to select projects and set their funding levels. Voting rights are assigned based on membership fees with full members assigning their $50,000 membership to the project(s) they choose. Double members assign their $100,000 membership to the projects they choose and double members get to vote twice for governance issues, like changing bylaws, etc.
  • Semi-annual meetings are held in spring/fall for project selection and reporting.

Request Information

Download our introductory letter or email to request information about joining CARFS as an industrial member.

CARFS Proposals Scoring Criteria

ScaleRoadmap alignment*Technical meritIAB interest
1Not aligned with roadmapNot clear or feasibleNot at all interested
2Weak alignment with roadmapClear but not feasibleNot very interested
4Moderate alignment with roadmapStrong idea and seems feasibleSomewhat interested
5Clear alignment with roadmapGreat idea and clearly feasibleVery interested

*Agreed upon strength areas

  • Forensic Chemistry (trace, contraband, biosensors)
  • Forensic Biology (microbial, entomology, genomics)
  • Forensic Toxicology (metabolomics, biomarkers)
  • Forensic Medicine (MDI, anthropology, taphonomy)

*Agreed upon areas to enhance

  • Digital Evidence (mobile devices, authentication)
  • Nuclear Forensics (source signatures)
  • Environmental Forensics (trafficking, attribution)